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STEP - 2 (Repair)

Together we will formulate an action plan to finalize and coordinate responsibilities between your staff and Reac Ready, LLC.  It is recommended Reac Ready, LLC handle the complete project on a "Turn-Key" basis.  This option allows your staff to stay focused on their daily responsibilities and work orders.  It helps prevent backlogs in the system due to the staff trying to prepare the facility for the inspection.

Next, we start the repairs/correction of the deficiencies by using our REAC trained maintenance technicians.  Our maintenance technicians are unique in that they are trained to identify and repair Level - 2 and Level - 3 deficiencies.  By utilizing the inspection report to correct only the HUD deficiencies, your company will get the best value for its investment.  When we complete the repairs, your property will be Reac Ready for the inspection. 

STEP - 3 (Inspection Escort)

Reac Ready will provide a professional or certified inspector as an escort during your HUD REAC Inspection.  Owners across the country with prepared properties can still receive low or failing scores as a result of inspectors incorrectly recording deficiencies.  Our professional REAC Escort keeps the Inspector within HUD REAC Inspection Protocols.  This last step has saved owners from receiving failing REAC scores as the result of inexperienced inspectors.  If you contract Reac Ready, LLC to perform all three steps, we will guarantee you a passing score.

STEP - 1 (Inspection)

Unit inspection:  Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom/s, hallway, patio/balcony, living & dining room, basement if attached, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.
Common Areas:  Community room, kitchen, hallway, basement, utility closet, office/s, restroom/s, laundry room, storage area, workshop & mechanical room.
Systems:  Electrical, HVAC, boiler, hot water heater, sewer lines, auxiliary lighting, sprinkler system, fire suppression, plumbing and exhaust system, exit and emergency lighting.
Exterior:  Walls, roof if accessible, inspectable shed, gutters, downspouts, lighting, canopy, patio/porch, landings, foundations, stairs/steps, windows and doors.
Site:  Grounds, parking areas, sidewalk/walkway, playground equipment, mailboxes, signage and fencing.

Inspection Services

Our goal is to improve your REAC score across your entire portfolio no matter the type, size or current condition of your property. When choosing our 3-Step process, REAC Ready, LLC will guarantee you a passing REAC score for a very affordable investment and this is how it works.

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