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Prepare your property for the HUD REAC Inspection with REAC Ready, LLC of West Hartford, Connecticut. Our professionals offer complete HUD REAC preparation services.

Complete Property Prep

Our professionals review your inspection report and formulate an action plan and budget to correct the identified deficiencies.  We go over this plan with your management and maintenance staff before delegating project responsibilities between your staff and our crew.  If you choose, REAC Ready will handle the complete project from beginning to end, allowing your staff to stay focused on their daily responsibilities and work orders.  This also prevents back-ups in the system while they attempt to catch up on neglected and deferred maintenance.

Final Steps

After discussing your needs, we begin our corrective preparation precise and correction of the problems by using our REAC-trained maintenance technicians. Our REAC technicians are unique in that they are trained to identify and repair L 2,L 3, and Health and Safety deficiencies.  By following the inspection report and using your funds to only correct the HUD deficiencies, you'll receive the best value for your investment.  Upon completion, your property is sure to improve HUD REAC Inspection score.

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