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Preventative Measures

Hundreds of properties REAC Inspections throughout the country receive failing scores each month. As a result, most owners and agents do not submit the necessary inspection appeals that could save hundreds of hours of aggravation and the risk of losing subsidy. Our specialists will perform a pre-Reac inspection in the five inspectable areas: units, common areas, site, exterior and building systems. The vast majority of troubled properties that we have inspected received scores of 90+.

Our Services Include:

HUD REAC Inspection

Comprehensive Pre-REAC Inspections​

Increase your score into the 90s with REAC Ready, LLC of West Hartford, Connecticut. Our professionals offer pre-REAC inspections nationwide to ensure you pass your HUD REAC Inspection and keep your investment.

100% UPCS Inspections

A complete inspection of your property includes checking the dwelling units, common areas, site, exterior and building systems. Our experienced inspection team has performed thousands of inspections throughout the country, including Puerto Rico and Guam. REAC Ready, LLC is dedicated to ensuring your property receives the best possible score. We provide up-to-date information outlining standards for both Tax Credit utilization and HUD properties.

We Now Offer the Following Services

  • Pre-Reac Inspections – 100% Inspection of units, common areas, exterior, site and building systems.
  • Sample Size Inspection - modeled like your previous REAC Inspection with randomly selected units.
  • Annual Inspections – allows you to contract Reac Ready, LLC at a much lower cost.
  • 3-Step Process – will guarantee you a passing REAC score.
  • REAC Escort – ensure proper HUD Protocol is followed and deficiencies are recorded correctly.
  • Construction/Repair – REAC L2/L3/H&S deficiencies, vacancy turnover and all construction services.
  • Vacancy Turnover – we will ready your unit for move in
  • Training Seminars – understanding the HUD REAC Protocols, on-site training available.

Reac Ready, LLC has developed our own inspection software that allows us to perform Pre-REAC Inspections according to the most up to date HUD Inspection Guidelines. In addition, this exclusive software system enables us to provide you with multiple reports within “seconds” of completing the inspection.

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