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Training & Seminars

Complete HUD Inspection Training​

Learn exactly what is needed during a HUD inspection with REAC Ready, LLC of West Hartford, Connecticut. Our experts offer comprehensive training seminars to ensure you have all the information necessary to prepare your property for inspection.

Full-Service HUD REAC Inspection Company

Our Services Include:

REAC Seminars

Our easy-to-understand training program explains the REAC Inspection process in detail. We distinguish between the variations of L 1, L 2, L 3, and Health and Safety, and the meaning for each deficiency per protocol. After our one or two day seminar, you and your staff have a better understanding of the HUD REAC Inspection protocols and expectations by which each inspector complies. With this knowledge, you are sufficiently able to prepare your property by identifying specific deficiencies for a better score. We also provide on-site training as requested.

Because Every Inspection Counts

Training & Seminars

REAC Escort Services

REAC Ready is able to provide a knowledgeable professional to accompany the REAC Inspector the day of the Inspection. Owners across the country with well-prepared properties often receive low or failing scores because of contract inspectors recording false or incorrect deficiencies. Our professional escort service keeps the inspector within the HUD REAC Inspection Protocol, ensuring you receive accurate levels per each deficiency.

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