Many owners and management agents throw thousands of dollars at a property in an effort to just pass the REAC.  Our system will not only allow you to pass, but bring up your scores into the 90's and at an affordable price.

Do you know what your property would score if your HUD REAC Inspection were held today? HUD only has to give you a 14-day notice, is that enough time for you to prepare?

Let us perform a pre-REAC inspection of all Units or a sample of the units, and 100% of the common areas, site, exterior and buildings systems.  We will score the inspection using the HUD protocols and provide you with a report of ALL of the found deficiencies, including the exact location of the deficiencies.

By using this report, you will know in just a few minutes, how your property faired.  This report is then used to direct the corrections by utilizing the site staff, our correction construction professionals, or a combination of both.  By using our staff to ready the site, your site staff can continue to perform their daily duties, eliminating work orders getting backed up while they attempt to catch up on neglected and deferred maintenance. 
REAC Ready Services    
Pre-REAC Inspection: 
Site:  We perform the inspection using HUD protocols and inspection methods.  The entire site is walked and deficiencies noted.
Common Areas: All of the common areas are inspected, including boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, maintenance shops, storage rooms, laundries, community rooms and common area kitchens.  Most owners fail the inspection on found deficiencies in the site and common areas, before the inspector even gets to the units.
Systems: We identify Level 2 and Level 3 Health and Safety deficiencies such as exposed electrical junction boxes, missing knockouts, paint on fire suppression disbursement heads, corrosion and lacking piping; all of which carry the highest negative deficiencies/scores.
Unit: Inspection of kitchen base cabinets for infestation evidence, non-operating GFI outlets, blocked egress can add up and pile on the score to ensure failure if not corrected.
Let REAC Ready, LLC take this monstrous challenge off of your hands the same way you would let your mechanic repair your car.  We can provide a comprehensive correction plan around your budget, to give you the best an highest possible score.  We focus on only Level 2 and Level 3 Health & Safety deficiencies that hurt the score the most, ensuring you are getting the most for your money.
REAC Escort Service: We will provide a professional REAC escort to represent your interest during the inspection.  Many owners ask "Why have an escort?".  The reason is simple. If you just invested in the preparation, why take a chance on a "Contract" inspector making a mistake?  Example, an owner in Ohio was cited for a Level-3 "Blocked Egress" in a bedroom.  The window in the bedroom had a portable AC unit in the only window in the room.  The error the inspector made, was that the unit was on the 6th floor, outside the Blocked Egress range that stops at the 4th floor.  This owner was cited for this deficiency because the inspector did not know the inspection protocols.  Why take a chance?  Had we been there to escort, the owner would not have to go through another painful inspection and this time with Quality Assurance.

Rely on us to help ensure your property is in compliance and prepared for a HUD REAC Inspection.
Correct all deficiencies prior to your HUD REAC Inspection and be "REAC Ready".
Remain informed of all REAC protocols with our integrated HUD Inspection Training & Seminars.

Because Every Inspection Counts

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"Our business ownership is culturally diversified, consisting of former REAC inspectors, facilities management professionals and our own in-house construction division specializing in project based REAC preparation."​

Let us show you how to target your preparation funds to get the best and highest possible score for the least amount of investment.  Our system identifies the deficiencies, develops action plan, executes and follows up with escorting the REAC inspector during the inspection to ensure compliance to HUD inspection protocols.

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