Pre-REAC Inspection    

REAC Ready, LLC will conduct a simulated REAC Inspection to determine your needs prior to inspection.  Our experienced inspection team has performed thousands of inspections throughout the country including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  REAC Ready, LLC is dedicated to ensuring your property will receive the best possible score.

REAC Ready, LLC is a leading Reac and Preparation Company specifically geared to ensure HUD protocol compliance.

We have conducted thousands of REAC and UPCS Inspections for over a decade.  Our clients are provided up to date information outlining standards for both Tax Credit utilization and HUD properties.

A failed REAC Inspection can take years to correct.  The vast majority of trouble properties we have inspected have received scores of 90 and better.

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REAC Property Prep Services

Our REAC professionals will review your inspection report with you, formulate an action plan and budget to correct the identified deficiencies. We will review your action plan with your management and maintenance staff, then finalize it so we can assign project responsibilities between your staff and REAC Ready. If you choose, REAC Ready can handle the complete project as a "Turn-Key" project. This option allows your staff to stay focused on their daily responsibilities and work orders. This helps prevent back-ups in the system, do to the site staff trying to prepare the site for the inspection.

Next we start the construction / correction of the deficiencies by using our REAC trained maintenance technicians. Our preparation technicians are unique in that they are trained to identify and repair L 2, L 3, and Health and Safety deficiencies. By following the inspection report and correcting only the HUD deficiencies, you get the best value for your investment. When we are complete with the repairs to the dwelling units, common areas, site, exterior and building systems your property will be in its best condition ever to pass your HUD REAC Inspection. In addition, you know that your investment funds Targeted only correcting REAC deficiencies.

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REAC Escort Services

REAC Inspection Escort - REAC Ready will provide a professional REAC Inspector to accompany the REAC inspector the day(s) of the inspection. Owners across the country with well prepared properties, receive low or failing scores because of Contract REAC Inspectors recording false and or incorrect deficiencies. Our professional escort service keeps the inspector(s) within the HUD REAC Inspection protocol, providing you with accurate levels per each deficiency.

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Hundreds of REAC Inspections throughout the country receive failing scores each month. As a result, most owners and agents fail to submit the necessary inspection appeals that could save hundreds of hours of aggravation and the risk of losing subsidy.

REAC Ready, LLC has successfully assisted Owners and Managers across the country with the inspection appeals process. Our team has written many successful appeals since 2004. Allow REAC Ready, LLC to work with you to navigate through the appeal process. Our team of trained professionals can help.
Pre-REAC Services

Our Services Include:

100% UPCS Inspection    
A complete inspection of your property would include; dwelling units, common areas, site, exterior and building systems.  Our tailored process can be used to prepare for REAC Inspections, completing annual inspections and preventative maintenance.   

REAC Training Seminars

We provide an easy to understand training program that will explain in detail the REAC Inspection process. The training will also give you a better understanding for the variation of levels (L 1, L 2, L 3 & Health & Safety) and the meaning for each deficiency per protocol. After our one or two day training seminar, you and your staff will have a better understanding of the protocols and expectations each inspector complies by. With this knowledge, you will be able to "REAC Ready" your property by identifying specific deficiencies and have a better score. We are also able to provide on-site training as requested.

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Training & Seminars

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Our company offers a wide range of services to meet your project needs.

Prepare your property for the HUD REAC Inspection with REAC Ready, LLC of West Hartford, Connecticut. Our professionals offer complete HUD REAC preparation services to property managers nationwide.

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